Source and Compiling Instructions on GitHub

Prebuilt Binaries for Windows and Mac OS X

TSOAX (v0.1.7) for Windows.

TSOAX (v0.1.7) for Mac OS X.

Examples of Image Data, Parameters and Results

We provide examples of time lapse movies and parameter files (with or without extracted snake tracks) from the data in the paper T. Xu, C. Langouras, M. Adeli Koudehi, B. Vos, N. Wang, G. H. Koenderink, D. Vavylonis, and X. Huang, "Automated Tracking of Biopolymer Growth and Network Deformation with TSOAX" (submitted).

Simulated 2D image of elongating actin filaments imaged by TIRFM (Fig. 3).

Elongating actin filaments imaged in 2D by TIRFM (Fig. 4) from Fujiwara et al. (2007).

3D image of dividing mid1Δ fission yeast cell expressing Rlc1-GFP (Fig. 5).

Simulated 3D image of network undergoing uniform shear (Fig. 7).

Simulated 3D image of network undergoing rotation (Fig. 8).