BDSI Team: Summer 2010

The Biosystems Dynamics Summer Institute at Lehigh University, funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, gives undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary research teams focused on solving problems related to the life sciences. Each research team consists of undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty members.  Our 2010 team, headed by Dr. Xiaolei Huang and Dr. Dimitrios Vavylonis, continued the work started in the summer of 2009 on actin filament polymerization through computer-based curve fitting and tracking. Click here for more details on our project.


Undergraduates Students:

Jen Colquhoun is currently a junior at Lehigh University, majoring in Biochemistry. Over the summer, she used JFilament to track actin filaments in 3D and 4D GFP-CHD images of dividing fission yeast (provided by the lab of J.-Q. Wu). Her analysis demonstrates the process of assembly of the actin contractile ring in dividing fission yeast through a dynamic filament meshwork.  







Christopher Devulder is a junior at Lehigh University, majoring in Physics and Mathematics. He quantified static and dynamic properties of actin cables in fission yeast cells using JFilament. He used these data to investigate the role of mechanical forces involved in the shape and position of these actin bundles, their dynamics of remodeling and their polarization across the cell.











Peter Wallerson is currently a junior at Columbia University majoring in Biomedical Engineering on the Biomechanics Track. Over the summer, he created a Java tool for modeling the shapes of membranes of cells. Combined with the already existent method of tracking actin filaments, this will allow further analysis of the role of the cytoskeleton in cell shape and dynamics.






Graduate Students:

Nikola Ojkic, PhD student,

Department of Physics, Lehigh University














Tian Shen, PhD student

Department of Computer Science, Lehigh University
















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