BDSI Team: Summer 2009

The Biosystems Dynamics Summer Institute at Lehigh University, funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, gives undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary research teams focused on solving problems related to the life sciences. Each research team consists of undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty members.  Our 2009 team, headed by Dr. Xiaolei Huang and Dr. Dimitrios Vavylonis, concentrated on the study of actin filament polymerization through computer-based curve fitting and tracking. 

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Undergraduates Students:


Michael Fedorka is currently a senior at Lehigh University majoring in bioengineering, on the biopharmaceutical track.  The scope of his studies has supplied him with an extensive background in chemistry, biology, and math in their engineering and scientific applications. Over the summer he worked with the Huang-Vavylonis team to develop software and computational models to analyze actin polymerization.








Lisa Vasko is currently a junior at Lehigh University studying Applied Mathematics and Actuarial Science.  In this project, she created a Java tool for actin filament tracking using the stretching active contours method.











Ashley Ruby is a senior at Lehigh University, majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience.  During the span of the project, she measured filament growth rates from TIRFM images and analyzed the data. She gained experience with the use computational methods in biomedical image analysis.











Graduate Students:


Matthew Smith, PhD student,

Department of Physics, Lehigh University













Tian Shen, PhD student

Department of Computer Science, Lehigh University













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