Biophysics event at Lehigh University: Biophysical Society Pennsylvania Network Meeting September 14 2012, Iacocca Hall


Read about graduate student Matt Smith's trip to the 61st Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting


Click here for information on the 2010 workshop "The Cellular Cytoskeleton: Common Organizing Principles in Mitosis, Motility and Cell Polarization" at Fort Collins and Pingree Park, CO.








Links to current and former collaborators, colleagues, and mentors


Jim Gunton, Lehigh University

Xiaolei Huang, Lehigh University

David Kovar, University of Chicago

Ben O'Shaughnessy, Columbia University

Daniel Ou Yang, Lehigh University

Thomas Pollard, Yale University

Fulvia Verde, University of Miami

Naoki Watanabe, Kyoto School of Medicine

Jian-Qiu Wu, Ohio State University